Chuxin Liang

A grade 8 student at UWCSEA
Dreaming to be a Designer

About Me


Hey I'm Celia,

我是Celia。我是一名UWCSEA Dover的学生。我创建了我的博客和一些其他网站作为我的日记,同时也会发一些和学习有关的帖子。欢迎来到UWCESA!

I'm Celia from China, and I'm a student of UWCSEA Dover Singapore for 2017-2020. I created my blog and some websites as my diary and I will create post about study-related content and some other ramdom things (like my random designs and some news). Please do take a look at my favorite site: Designs ( -- I love to share things I designed and made. They might not be very good, but I'd like to share it with you guys who accidentally find your ways in.

An important part of my websites and blogs is my traveling journal. I love traveling. I have been to different places around the world, each is different. For example, some have beautiful sceneries, some have unique cultures. I always record what I experienced in my camera and my blogs.

These are some of my recent blogs:
- 2018 New Zealand South Island Trip
- 2018 Chiang Mai Continuous Trip
- 2018 Japan Hokkaido Trip

What I am Good at



Maths is my favorite subject. I am not the best student in my class, but I am still interested in it.


I speak fluent Chinese, and it's probably because I am from China.

Graphic Design

I like design things on my laptop. I have got my website for designing with lots of images.


I create lots of things even though sometimes they are not what I have expected.


I am really passionate in taking photos. I have a gopro 6 sport camera.


I am always optimistic when I encounter problems. I smile a lot to every one (a bit too much).

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